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Studio for design / research / learning
57 Commonwealth Drive, #02-211, 140057

We are a two-people studio involved in design, research, and teaching as interdependent modes of engagement with topics of interest. A large aspect of our practice navigate through the 'margins' of design—if not its expanded field—by utilising and considering other modes of production, communication, and distribution. Our intention is to develop forms of criticality towards design as a discipline/practice and towards the subjects it explores, while and by embodying 'design' as a way of looking, understanding, research, articulation, etc. Started in 2017 by Gideon Kong and Jamie Yeo, we are currently involved in self-initiated work that involves mixing/streamlining processes in making, designing, editing, production in creating objects/prototypes, printed matter, writings/research, and workshops on an irregular basis. On the side, we are also involved in occasional external commissions with friends and collaborators, mainly in the area of graphic design.

Our studio started in a very small and economic space of 3 × 3 metres in the eastern part of Singapore. The limited floor area is made efficient through self-built structures/furniture and is designed to host about 3–5 people. Our growing library includes a limited but focused selection of titles spanning across design, art, architecture, and art/design education & theory. We are now (temporarily) located at central-west Singapore at a slightly larger space that accommodates the same library and other tools/machinery.

Since June 2018, we started Temporary Press, an independent press producing/publishing content surrounding a broad definition of research in art/design practice, in collaboration with a community of practitioners, educators, and researchers.