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When Worlds Collide

Booklet, 2018.
Designed with/for Robert Zhao Renhui (Institute of Critical Zoologists).

A5 size, 32pp, 4C offset lithography, saddle-stitched.
Typeset in Neue Haas Unica and Source Han Sans, printed in Taipei (TW).

An accompanying booklet for Robert Zhao Renhui’s exhibition 'When Worlds Collide' at 2018 Taipei Biennial.

This work brings together the artist’s investigations into the relationships between human and animal habitation from three different countries and presents them as “collisions” of different worlds. Beyond physical ones (damages or injuries caused by either side to the other), they also describe the collisions of ideas, the conflicting beliefs, actions, and attitudes towards natural ecosystems (whether invasive species are by nature good or bad, or disagreements on the origins of certain native species). To reflect this, the publication interweave the three series of works in the exhibition into a single caption-less "narrative" (page-flow) but consistently broken up in their presentation (image orientation), distinguished by the index marker on the top left corner of every image. This result requires its reader to either constantly rotate the booklet in order to view each series of works in their original image orientations, or to ignore it altogether and read them as what they already are: collisions that gradually spiral into more and more entangled interrelationships. worlds collide-01.jpg worlds collide-02.jpg worlds collide-03.jpg worlds collide-04.jpg worlds collide-05.jpg worlds collide-06.jpg worlds collide-07.jpg worlds collide-08.jpg worlds collide-09.jpg worlds collide-10.jpg worlds collide-11.jpg worlds collide-12.jpg