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Vanishing Workflows

Book, 2019.
Project by Xavier Antin, published by Temporary Press.
Edition of 200.

290 × 207 mm, 48pp (19 images), 6C Risograph printed, softback.
Typeset in Editor (Indian Type Foundry), printed by Temporary Press.

An artist publication that departs from an eponymous exhibition at Hermès Singapore in 2018/19.

This publication uses its mode of representation and method of production as direction conceptual embodiments and explorations of what it documents—a slow ritual of flowers decaying until being continuously replaced whenever enough currency is generated by an automated machine-sculpture in the same space. For example, the original seriality of the photographs taken across the exhibition period is interrupted by its individually varying 3-colour reproductions despite keeping its sequential arrangement, or, the original impermanence and fluidity of the time-based installation is now captured within specific and irregular time frames. All these contributes to, in the artist's words, the publication role in the project's modality of existence; it uses the exhibition documentation as a pretext to form its own autonomy by also reflecting on its own economical/material conditions. For us, this is likely the only sensible approach; it reflects a somewhat honest documentation-as-exploration rather than being obsessed with seemingly accurate representations that are in fact distortions of reality. These ideas are taken from a conversation between Xavier Antin and Gideon in the publication.

Photographs are colour separated and Risograph-printed in 3 colours per image (19 in total) in various combinations of orange, green, medium blue, flat gold, yellow, and purple inks.