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This is Not a Food Magazine

Book, 2018.
Written by Sheere Ng, published by Temporary Press.
Edition of 150.

110 × 178 mm, 100pp, 1C Risograph (black), perfect bound.
Title and furniture texts typeset in Recoleta (Latinotype) and body texts in Tara (Indian Type Foundry), printed by Temporary Press (SG).

A collection of essays written between 2015–2018 about Singapore and its identity/development through the lens of food.

The book is designed as a traditional paperback with a (flavourfully) coloured cover and typeface. It is a nice coincidence that the title typeface is described on the foundry's website as a 'grandma's recipe' of type-ingredients extracted from some (to us) tastefully distinct typefaces like Cooper, Windsor, and maybe also Souvenir. is Not a Food Magazine-02.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-01.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-04.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-05.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-07.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-09.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-A-03.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-A-05.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-A-02.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-A-09.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-A-10.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-A-12.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-B-02.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-B-03.jpg is Not a Food Magazine-03.jpg