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Symbols of Singapore, 1956–2003: Selections from Singapore Graphic Archives

Book, 2018.
Compiled by Justin Zhuang ( in collaboration with Temporary Press, published by Temporary Press.
Edition of 150.

103 × 178 mm, 84pp 1C Risograph printed (black), perfect bound with additional outer sleeve.
Typeset in FF Real (FontFont), printed by Temporary Press (SG).

A loose selection of graphic symbols and logos in Singapore from 1956 to 2003, collected and compiled by Justin Zhuang through the Singapore Graphic Archives project. The book also includes an afterword in the form of a written conversation between the author and Temporary Press, a reflection on the intentions and perspectives of the archives and the its contents.

Designed as a handy-sized publication with a straightforward chronological presentation, we avoided the tendency to impose a visual or any other interpretive order to arrange the logo/symbol reproductions. We hope this matter-of-fact presentation communicates a frankness about the in-progress nature of this project and the collection, one that also invites readers to make further sense of the work/archive. The lack of any interpretive order did not, however, prevent unintended correlations and patterns to appear naturally across spread selections and sequences—between their formal elements, represented bodies, and semantic meanings. This serendipitously becomes and reflects a (visual-) historical narrative of corporate graphic representation in mid to late-twentieth century Singapore given its general absence thus far. Some of these thoughts are found in the conversational "afterword" in the book. of Singapore_001.jpg of Singapore_011.jpg of Singapore_012.jpg of Singapore_013.jpg of Singapore_014.jpg of Singapore_015.jpg of Singapore_024.jpg of Singapore_018.jpg of Singapore_029.jpg of Singapore_031.jpg of Singapore_033.jpg