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Postcards from another mad afternoon at home:
Collected notes & drawings on windows, doors, pipes

Book, 2019.
Project by Atelier HOKO, published by Temporary Press.
Edition of 200

105 × 165 mm, 364pp, 2C Risograph printed, softback.
Typeset in Essay Text (Adobe Type), printed by Temporary Press.

As part of Atelier HOKO’s research into the behaviours around common objects, they initiated a performative/instructional postcard activity ‘another mad afternoon at home’ for three volumes of their ongoing Science of the Secondary series that study the common openings in homes—Doors, Windows, and Pipes. Postcards with instructions were mailed out for readers to perform and document anonymously in writing/drawing and a large selection of these responses were put together in this book. 60 different instructions are included as blank pages throughout the entire book as an extended invitation for readers to participate, while also acting as section dividers for around 300 postcard responses. We wanted to allow for both a personal and collective exploration in Atelier HOKO’s way of seeing and (re)searching, something we thought was implicitly (but largely) communicative of their work.