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Book, 2019.
Designed with/for curator Siddharta Perez (NUS Museum), for artist Wei Leng Tay.

120 × 180 mm, 120pp, 4C offset lithography, softback.
Typeset in Sequel Sans (OGJ type) and Stempel Garamond (Linotype).

A reader that departs from an exhibition of the same title installed in four iterations at NUS museum from March 2018 to May 2019.

The book weaves together layers of texts (prose/poetry, transcript, exchanges, commentaries) and images (artist's photographs, collected images, documentation) into a polyrhythmic whole through a conscientious mix of graphical/material/typographical means. One of it is the weaving of artwork images printed on translucent material within every (thread-sewn) section while having installation images act as non-functional chapter 'dividers', both placed evenly across the 120-page, 6-section publication. These decisions are informed by, and also attempt to embody, the experience of the exhibition in book form, where the artist's personal/documentary collection of recordings, texts, and images came together to form fragmented dissonances and sometimes disorienting encounters. They—the works and now the book in extension—acknowledge the subjectivities and sensitivities in untangling and mediating migratory identities/subjects/voices, while affecting further contemplation in the broader personal narratives of its viewers or readers.