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No. 1–10 Science of the Secondary: An appendix of sorts

Poster, 2019.
Designed with/for Atelier HOKO.

Approximately B1 size (unfolded), B5 size (folded), double-sided 1C offset lithography, comes folded with sticker label.
Typeset in Neue Haas Unica.

An appendix of sorts for Atelier HOKO's Science of the Secondary series volumes 1–10. Released in conjunction with their first 10-volume boxed set.

We enjoyed reading through Atelier HOKO’s rich physical archive of notes, drawings, photographs, and an assortment of mixed media items that went into the research and production of their Science of the Secondary publications (10 to date). A loose but intentional selection of these materials were compactly indexed and arranged into what resembles an image poster-encyclopaedia of their practice and research. This unfolds, both in format and contents, Atelier HOKO’s eclectic ideas/experiments and free-ranging process/explorations into everyday phenomena around common object-archetypes in their original thought-forms. Containing previously unpublished material, this also acts as an appendix of sorts for the first 10 Science of the Secondary volumes; instead of supplementing with information, it recalls the curiosities inherent in leafing through images and illustrations through imaginative readings and associations rather than their captioned meanings. This perhaps reflects HOKO’s way and process of (re)searching: a shift in focus from ontological concerns (object knowledge) to epistemological relations (understanding behaviour) in design, which they simply refer to as a ‘science of the secondary’.