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Short note on Atelier HOKO's approach

Editorial text in Postcards from another mad afternoon at home: collected notes & drawings on windows, doors, pipes, published by Temporary Press, p.362, 2019

The uncertain lines, material traces, textural marks... the informal drawings, caricatural representations, abstract expressions... the diagrammatic arrangements, written speculations, scribbled notations... all come together as an inconclusive collection of explorations into the chosen objects through 60 specific instructions to perform, yet without any definite requirements for how they should, or not be, recorded. These instructions were also questions that Atelier HOKO designed and imposed upon themselves while exploring and playfully investigating unquestionably common yet surprisingly unfamiliar everyday curiosities, which in this case were materialised as three Science of the Secondary volumes: Window, Door, and Pipe. This approach, however, was not limited to these studies but had been present and developing since the first volume in the series. This collection of participatory notes and drawings then hints at—while also pushes/realises—the potentiality of Atelier HOKO's abstract, ambivalent, or at times deliberately absurd way of searching and making/doing/acting. It is an approach that might be beyond or even independent of “thinking”—or more precisely, over-thinking—often associated with research, one that brings us into another mode of engagement with our world, albeit momentarily.