Book, 2020.
Project by Robert Zhao Renhui
Edition of 1000.

Box contains a booklet, poster, map leaflet and 30 postcards.

Booklet: 106 × 156 mm, 76pp, 2C (Black and Silver) offset printed on Kraft paper, softback, typeset in Bara (from Typotheque).
Postcards: 106 × 156 mm each, 4C offset printed with spot UV
Map leaflet: 77 × 156 mm (folded)

An artist publication by Robert Zhao Renhui that documents trees in Singapore. This is a redesigned version of the same publication first published in 2015.

We were tasked to adopt what already works in the first edition and to introduce design improvements based on functional considerations and (subjective) preferences. This edition snugly houses all items within a more compact carton box that also doubles as one for mailing. The original informative poster that featured a selection of ‘trees of interest’ is adapted into a handier accordion-fold leaflet which now contains map locations of the 26 trees (replacing what were originally visual graphics). This additional poster is now used to feature one of the tree photographs as a larger-sized foldout print. The booklet’s format is slightly adjusted to match the size of the postcards and had its (previously thumbnail-sized) images enlarged to full-page photographs. Also, since the same set of photographs is produced both in the booklet and postcards, we took the opportunity to explore something else for the booklet by editing the colour channels of the photographs and printing them in duotone (black and silver) on brown Kraft for the entire publication. This allows for a different experience and effect when the publication is viewed under sunlight.

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